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Finally built a two bedroom rental property in Venus Bay. It’s a little up there price wise because of the foliage but I really like it!

Got a little carried away with the pictures on this one..

Last one for today, finally finished this lot. Don’t know what to call it yet.

Another tourist attraction in Venus Bay, not exactly finished yet so it’s a work in progress. I still have to add a shop for souvenirs on this lot.

Another vacation house for Venus Bay. Pretty bland and simple but it’s affordable. 

Just some random shots of a beach lot I’ve been working on in Venus Bay. Feels good to finally have something built after a little hiatus. 

Vacation home in Venus Bay.

So it seems Gemini is already corrupt and I haven’t even played it yet—just been building. I guess that’s good to know, at least it isn’t something I’ve downloaded. Yay!

Does anyone know where I can find a valid download link for these skins? They’re by noodlesims but their tumblr is no longer existent? Infact, I know noodle had quit a few sorta MM skins up for download but the links aren’t valid.

Edit: I also thought I had a valid download link for simtzu’s apple pie & custard skins but guess not. Anyone know where a valid link is for these as well?

Hope you enjoy my nonsense and sometimes non-related Sims posts!


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