I want.

I want to play Sims but I have no inspiration :/ CAS demo is coo though. I haven’t been keeping up with much of TS4 because I’m scared that if I do I won’t like it. Anyways, guess I’ll go back under my rock.

Seems like the more I talk the more I end up being misunderstood.
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Shake my head.

I don’t know if its because I work at the Home Depot and they brainwash us about customer service and how important it is and that it should be a given but it really disgusts me when I call a place or go in to a place to leave a resume and would like to talk to a manager or someone in charge and the employees can’t even give me the time of day. I almost want to let this manager, once I get a hold of him/her (because every single employee I talk to gives me a different name, funny huh?) about how shitty their employees are.

I mean what if I was a secret shopper or some big wig that came in to your restaurant and you hollered at me from across the dining patio in front of customers to seat myself and then I have to walk towards you and ask if I can leave my resume with you and then you don’t even fucking make eye contact with me and can’t even talk to me because you are oh so busy (not really) and you don’t even know when your manager will be in because they are “in and out”. How the fuck can some establishment have a manager that is just “in and out” and then you can’t even be courteous to say thank or have a nice day or bye when you’re on the phone? 

I mean what the actual fuck. How do people like this get and keep a job? It’s just disgusting to me. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood because I am currently shark bait at the moment (lol if anyone gets it) but god damn people. I guess they view me as competition, I don’t know. These people at this restaurant need to get their head out of their ass though.


East Mavenwood, the neighborhood for my 100 Baby Challenge.



I can’t even. 


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